Returned Products

The Paving Yard does not accept returns on any materials.

Natural Paving Stones

Due to the characteristics of natural paving slabs, there can be colour variations. Natural stone is just that, a material that is nature made. Shade and colour variations are inherent in natural stone. It takes millions of years for natural stone to form. Stones are made up of minerals from the Earth and sometimes include fossils of ancient sea life and plants. We cannot guarantee that products from different batches will have identical colouration. It is advisable that when using several packs of the same product on a project, the product is used randomly from all of the packs so as to achieve an overall blended appearance.

Colour Illustrations

The colour illustrations of our paving products in this brochure are as accurate as possible. We do recommend that any final decision is based upon viewing a sample of the product in The Paving Yard, Sallypark, Waterford.

Scuff and Scratches

Small scuffs or scratches on the surface of our paving products may arise during transportation, handling of the product on-site or compaction. Please be advised that flags should be lifted straight off the piece beneath as they are liable to scratches when dragged along the surface. These scratches are quite normal and will disappear over time.


Efflorescence is a naturally occurring phenomenon when temporary white stains may appear on the paving product surface. This is not a product defect, over time these stains are gradually washed away by rain and weathering. The Paving Yard cannot accept responsibility for these natural occurrences.