Joint It Simple

Paving jointing mortar for paving slabs, cobbles and natural stone. Joints 3mm wide & 25mm deep. Neutral, Grey & Dark Grey.
€50.00 per 20kg tub.

Diamond Blades

General Purpose Segmented Concrete Blade €65.00 and Porcelain Blades €150.00 (for use with 9″ Angle Grinder).

Recess Covers

300x300x50mm €50.00
300x300x80mm 10 Ton €70.00
600x600x80mm 10 Ton €125

SBR Bond

Latex Based Water-resistant bonding agent, primer and admixture

Aco Drain

Plastic Grating
1000mm €15

Patio Wizard

Kills Algae, Green Growth, Mould and Fungi