Sandstone is a classic sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized mineral particles or rock fragments. It has a granular texture and like sand, it can be any colour variation. Indian Sandstone is ideal for patios, footpaths and steps.

Mint Fossil Sandstone

Mint Sandstone in a 4 size mixed pack has a hand-cut riven finish. The array of colours is soft and incorporates a blend of pale mint green, cream yellow and brown tones along with the odd plant fossil.
€40.00 per square metre.

shot blasted mint

Mint Shot blasted Sandstone

Shot blasted Mint Sandstone in a 4 size mix. The surface of the flagstone is flat and shot-blasted to give a sharp look. Muted tones of gold, beige and white provide a fresh contemporary look with its textured finish and clean machine cut lines.
€45.00 per square metre.

rippon buff

Rippon Buff Sandstone

Rippon Buff Sandstone in a 4 size mix creates a colourful effect. The mixture of colours varies from reddish-brown, light pink, buff and grey. The sedimentary layering can be visible through each stone that is hand-cut and has a riven finish.
€40.00 per square metre.

Raveena Sandstone

Raveena Sandstone

Raveena Sandstone is rich with varied stones of earthy buff, amber and swirls of muted pinks and purples. Raveena comes in a 4 sized mixed pack and has a riven finish with a hand-cut edge.
€40.00 per square metre